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Speech and Language Therapy Services

A girl is happy about her speech services which corrected her speech problems.

Speech Articulation/Phonology

Mr. Marge provides a comprehensive evaluation of speech sound production, an oral mechanism examination, and dynamic assessment to devise an effective treatment plan to address speech articulation and phonological deficits that may be negatively impacting your child’s speech. Mr. Marge has extensive experience treating a variety of speech sound disorders that are the result of apraxia, dysarthria, cleft palate, etc.  

A girl is happy because she can listen and communicate effectively after receiving language therapy.

Receptive and Expressive Language

The key to remediating receptive and expressive language deficits is to determine the precise levels of language processing at which your child’s language is breaking down. An effective treatment plan is determined from the comprehensive evaluation of receptive and expressive language skills.  Auditory comprehension and language expression are critical components that support the highly language-based curriculums found in our public and private schools.

Two children communicating confidently after learning fluency strategies.


Mr. Marge has over 25 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and adults who stutter.    He has taken numerous continuing education courses in the area of fluency disorders to consistently improve his skills. He also works with the related fluency disorder called cluttering.  Fluency disorders can greatly interfere with everyday communication; however, speech-language therapy can be very effective in remediating the often debilitating effects of stuttering and cluttering.

Two people feeling great about their clear voices.


Mr. Marge has extensive experience treating a variety of voice and resonance disorders. If your child has a voice disorder, it is imperative that you first take him/her to an otolaryngologist who specializes in voice disorders. If you need a referral, please contact Mr. Marge and he will gladly provide you with a list of otolaryngologists.  Mr. Marge can also provide assistance with public speaking skills including oral presentations and college/job interviews.

Children using their social skills strategies.

Pragmatic/Social Language

Mr. Marge has over 25 years of experience treating pragmatic/social language disorders. He provides a comprehensive evaluation which assesses conversational skills, eye contact, play skills, reading nonverbal cues, perspective taking, social problem solving, and prosody of speech (the melody of speech). A treatment plan will be devised that will target your child’s weaknesses in any of the above stated areas.  Pragmatic language skills are critical for successful interactions in educational, social,  and work environments!

A child is happy that she no longer has a tongue thrust.

Tongue thrust remediation

Are your child’s teeth moving due to a tongue thrust swallowing pattern? A tongue thrust swallowing pattern can negatively impact your child’s dentition and may interfere with orthodontic treatment. Mr. Marge will evaluate your chid’s swallowing pattern to determine if he/she would benefit from tongue thrust therapy.

This child is struggling because of his auditory processing disorder.

Auditory Processing

Mr. Marge has extensive training and experience treating children and young adults diagnosed with a Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Central Auditory Processing Disorders are diagnosed by audiologists.  If you think your child may have this disorder, Mr. Marge can refer you to an excellent audiologist.  Once the evaluation is completed, Mr. Marge will review the report and implement a speech-language therapy program to address the deficits, if necessary.

A child feeling confident after learning executive functins strategies.

Executive Functions

As part of his speech-language therapy sessions, Mr. Marge provides training in the area of executive functions, if necessary.  He helps children and young adults implement strategies for planning, organizing, and goal setting which can greatly improve their ability to navigate elementary, middle, and high school environments as well as college. For high school students, Mr. Marge can provide comprehensive assistance in the college application process as well.

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